Warm Up Movements

A simple Warm Up routine will consist of the following exercises, always aim to focus on using your larger muscle groups, such as your thigh / quadriceps, taking care to make sure that you increase the level at a steady rate, avoiding any arm raises above shoulder height for the first few minutes.


(1) March on the spot, gradually taking your knees a little higher, while at the same time working your arms, doing the finger, wrist, and elbow mobility exercises. 2 minutes.
(2) Follow this by taking one leg to the side, alternately, while raising both your arms out to the side (no higher that shoulder level). 1 minute.
(3) Do some simple squats-holding your arms at just below shoulder level, take your hands to the front as you squat down, and then your arms to the side as you come up to a standing position. 30 seconds.
(4) Simulate a swimming action, arms only-front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke. 15 seconds each movement.

The length of time you spend warming up will vary depending upon your age, fitness level, and the room temperature. By now you should generally be developing a light sweat, a feeling of general looseness, and a greater range of mobility prior to going into the stretch phase. If you still feel cold, then repeat the above again.

You need to stay warm throughout your stretching, so you should quickly dry any sweat away. Ideally your hair should not be wet from your shower or bath. If possible, the room temperature should be increased slightly, or an extra layer of non-restricting clothing worn. If you start to feel cold, or your range of movement throughout the stretch is not what you normally perform, warm up the body again, and then continue with your stretching.


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