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Chest - Biceps

A lot of people that begin a weight training program, spend too much time working the same two muscles groups, namely those of your chest and biceps.

The problem with wanting to get rapid gains in both the strength and appearance of these muscles, is the muscular soreness and tension that gradually builds up.

If a combination of rest and stretching is not done between workouts, then the tension within the chest and bicep muscles, will simple cause the shoulders to roll forwards, having a total negative effect on any strength training program, especially if done for appearance reasons.

These simple chest and biceps stretches should be performed at both the end of your workouts, and also between sets if lifting a high number or heavy weights.

Moderate One Arm Against the Wall

1. Place your forearm and biceps against a wall, keeping the arm at right angles.

2. Exhale, slowly turning your opposite shoulder backward, keeping the other arm firmly in contact with the wall.

3. Repeat this stretch both raising and lowering the walled arm, in order to work the different pectoral muscles.

Easy Bicep-Wall Stretch

1. Place the palm, inner elbow, and shoulder of one arm against the wall.

2. Keeping the arm in contact with the wall, exhale and slowly turn your body around, to feel the stretch in your biceps and pectoral muscles.

3. Adjust the hand position either higher or lower and repeat to stretch the multiple biceps and chest muscles.

The last two stretches are for your tricep and shoulder muscles.

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