Calf Muscle Stretch

The calf muscle in your lower leg, is one of the most common muscles to become tight, especially in runners who have increased their milage to quickly. Aim to always give the calf muscle a stretch both before and after your run.

Its pointless performing a calf stretch or any of these stretches if you have not warmed up your muscles by simple aerobic exercises.

Warm muscles are more pliable and will simply be able to stretch, whilst cold muscles will be tight, hence why a lot of soft tissue muscular injuries are caused within the first 5 minutes of exercise.

Over exertion without a correct warm up and stretch can and often will cause a muscle to be pulled / torn. This is one of the main reasons why aerobic class instructors in gyms will not allow people to enter late.

Warm the muscles through blood flow - not by simply rubbing them or wearing warm clothing.

For best results, push against a wall to increase the calf muscle stretch.

Easy Calf Correct Foot Position

Foot alignment should be shoulder width apart, you can confirm this by standing either side of a straight line on the floor.

When you take your rear foot back, it should not cross or move away from the midline, your foot should be pointing forward with your heel either flat on the floor, or raised if aiming to develop the stretch.

Your front leg should bend so that when you look down over your knee, you can see the tip of your toes. Lean forward aiming to keep a straight line with your heel, hip and head.

Easy Soleus

1. Stand with both feet flat on the floor, pointing forward, half a stride apart.

2. Keeping your back straight, with your hands on your hips, exhale and lower yourself down, resting your bodyweight on the rear foot.

The next page will show you how to stretch your hamstring and quadricep muscles, those of your upper thigh.

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