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Abdominal - Obliques

Relieve the tension build up in the muscles of your abdominal and oblique area, with these simple stretches.

If you find that you don't feel any tension - don't force into the stretch, simply relax and take the movement a little further, however always within your own limits.


Moderate Looking at Ceiling

1. Begin the stretch by kneeling on the floor, holding your heels with both hands.

2. Slowly exhale, lifting your buttocks up and forward while taking the head backward, in order to arch the back.

Easy-Moderate Lying Trunk Twists

1. Lie flat on your back, with both hands extended straight out to your sides.

2. Slide both legs up towards one arm, aiming to keep the knees together, whilst allowing your lower body to naturally twist around.

3. Can be performed with either bent or straight legs.


The next page will help you stretch one of the main problem areas of the body - the back!

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