Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is one of the most common pieces of equipment being used in most modern gyms today, as it has a very low impact on the body, its ideal for those that are wanting to shift unwanted pounds without the impact associated with running.

The main problem with cross training machines is that they generally give a very false calorie readout, you will not use the amount of calories that the machine is saying that you have done. These reading are worked out by the fact that your using your total body arm and legs, but the cross trainer also has a very efficient momentum effect, unlike that of running.

Care should also be taken to make sure that you stretch your calf muscles prior to going onto the cross trainer and look at stretching throughout your time on the cross trainer, aim to wiggle your toes and lift up your heels every now and then, as this will help prevent your legs cramping up or your toes going numb.

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