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Upper Body Weights

Remember these simple points when using weights:

  • Avoid adaptation; don't allow your body to get used to your workout routines
  • Quality sessions, with ample rest between them, don't train sore muscles
  • Fuel your body, plenty of protein throughout the day to build muscle tissue
  • Keep a log and keep your sessions regular. Consistency is the key


Machine Tricep Dips, aim to do 3 sets of as many reps as possible whilst maintaining correct form. If you cannot work using a dips machine, perform your dips on a bench with either your feet up on another bench (harder) or rest them on the floor.

Cable Pull Down, using either a straight bar or cable rope extension pull the weight down keeping your head up and shoulders back. Aim for 3 sets of a good weight in a 4-1-2 rate. Aim to hold for a second flexing the muscle fully to ensure optimum results. Keep the elbows firmly by your sides and tighten the abdominals to help stabilize the upper body.

For best results aim to use a rope attachment, so that you can split the rope in the final phase of the movement.

Swiss Ball Close Grip Press Up - This is an excellent exercise for developing the triceps muscles, regardless of your strength, this is a tough exercise. Keep your hands on the central part of the ball, with thumbs and index finger touching. Aim to do 2 sets of as many reps as you can with 30 seconds rest between sets. Beginners should perform this exercise without the ball working on their knees in a normal close hand tricep press up position.

Single Arm Tricep Pullover, an excellent exercise to isolate the triceps. Stabilize the weighted arm with your free hand, whilst lifting the weight up, keeping your elbow pointing upwards. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps with a lightweight, at a 2-0-2 rate.

These are just a few samples of both different exercises and routines that you can implement into your training program.

The rate at which you work determines a great deal in muscular strength and development. Most people simply relax on the eccentric (downward) portion of the lift, controlling this movement will result in gains in both muscular strength and endurance.

Unless you are performing sets to total fatigue, or aiming to increase strength, then aim for 12-15 reps of the exercise. Once you can perform sets of 15 comfortably, work on increasing the weight.

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