Plyometric Exercises

Why not check out our plyometric exercises to help you with your explosive strength. Plyometrics training is perfect for sprinters and jumpers as well as a good exercise for core strength.

If you have not been working out long, or are new to the world of plyometric training, we suggest you start with these exercises first.


Lower Body Exercises - non-regular gym user


90 Degree Jumps

Alt Straddle

Lateral Skating

1 Leg Butt Kick

Ski Tuck Jumps

2 Foot Side Hop

Telemark Ski



Lower Body Exercises - Regular Gym User


Decline Hops Squatted Jump Depth Jump
2 Foot Hops Bench Jump Rope Jump
Multi Barrier Side Jumps  


On the following page we feature abdominal exercises for both regular and non-regular gym users :

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