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Marathon Training Schedule

Check out our marathon training schedule advice and plans in order to get it right for the big day. From the right exercises to building up those miles in the right way. Check out our simple FREE guide now.

marathon trainingDid you know that marathon training is actually a bit more of a science than you think!! When training for a marathon, most people will decide to simply go out each day and run their same route around the block, and now and again, normally at the weekend do the route twice. This is fine for building up a base stamina, and will certainly help a lot of people achieve their aim.

If your aim is not only to finish the run, but also to complete in a good time, then a training schedule, which includes both speed and endurance training, should be undertaken.

Another key point is the amount of marathon training that you do. I'm a firm believer in not over training, especially when it comes to running, as this is a high impact activity which can lead to a multitude of injuries, normally shin splints. It is easy to keep fit without having to run; try rowing,; cycling or swimming, anything that increases the heart rate will help keep you fit, as long as its not stress.

Weight training will certainly help you in the latter part of the run, and also aid with any hills that may need to be climbed. All over body conditioning with light weights and high reps will give your muscles more muscular endurance.

Likewise, a circuit orientated class will help increase your anaerobic fitness as well as giving you an all over body workout, try the home circuit if you don't have access to a gym.

Positive thinking and a good mental attitude is one of the biggest areas that most people can improve on, with little or no physical effort needed.

There is no reason why someone of an average to good fitness level should not be able to run the whole way of a marathon. Prepare both your body and mind, and you will finish.

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On the next page we can help you prepare your body for training and the race, along with a guide to building up the miles in training:

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