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Stress is without doubt the biggest factor for causing you to become ill and run down. You should always look at ways to both notice your stress levels and ways in which to relief your stress.

If you’re a perfectionist your office and home will be neat and tidy, you are always in control. Everyone sees you as successful and a happy confident role model.

Stop trying to be perfect, tiredness, anxiety and energy levels are closely linked.

Living by high standards, means that you are always pushing yourself, this can prevent you from really enjoying life, due to the stress that you simply place upon yourself - reduce the stress and enjoy your life.

Many people hide behind activity; perfectionism like drink can be a way of escaping. The perfectionist’s notion that other people only love them because of their achievements.

The truth is that people enjoy you because you are you. Chill out, enjoy and just be you.

Whoever we are, we all have problems or issues, having the ability to deal with these problems is how your life will cope with them.

Keeping all your issues to yourself because you don't want people to find out that your not perfect, can often result in a lifetime of stress and worry - like the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Just make sure that you share your problems with those that can offer advice - support or guidance.

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