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Body Energizing

Grab those trainers and do some exercise – being on this site is an excellent start! Exercise of any kind, from a walk to a kick boxing class WILL boost energy levels, giving immediate and long-term benefits. Studies confirm that exercise is beneficial to ill patients, helping them resume normal activities – but if recovering from illness you need to work to a monitored program.

When you exercise you move oxygen around the body and as this is our source of life (energizing) – it makes sense that it makes you feel better. Metabolic rate rises, body temperature goes up, activity in the muscle increases and the heart rate climbs.

As your metabolic rate rises this has an effect on all the body's systems. The increased blood flow transports more oxygen around the body, stimulates toxin drainage through the lymphatic system and helps eliminate waste products from the muscles.

Then there is the feel good factor which is all thanks to endorphins, the body's natural opiates which block pain and give a feeling of euphoria. They also do more, endorphins are neurotransmitters, when they reach the brain they give you that runners high – but you have to push yourself for at least 20 minutes.

So exercise has physical and psychological effects – the two interplay. So do something positive and feel better about yourself.




  • Exercise is a great tension buster.




    • Exercise distracts you from the days events and focuses you on your body.

    • Even a gentle stretch can help release tension and re-energize you.

    • Exercise – it will raise your heart rate and the increase will get more blood flowing to your brain.

    • The more you exercise the more efficient your body becomes. You become better at storing glycogen and more efficient at using fat and your heart and lungs become stronger.

    • Exercise can reduce depression, anxiety and increase tolerance to depression.

    • Enjoy yourself do something you enjoy – aerobic exercise is most likely to energize you it will give you cardiovascular efficiency.

    • Resistance training develops muscle strength and helps improve posture, co-ordination and breathing.

    • Stretching and yoga might not increase your metabolic rate or release endorphins, but they do release tension and stress. Do a combination of aerobic, muscle toning and some stretching.

    • Be flexible – listen to your body and don't push yourself too far.

    • Three to Five sessions a week of 30 –60 minutes each is more than enough for most people.

    • Always feel comfortable when exercising. And remember to flop on the sofa some days.

    • The right balance will not only give you energy but also have an impact on your life.
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