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Mind Over Matter

Will power, do you have it, do you have the ability to switch off the pain - can your mind really control your matter? The answer to these questions will be answered when you can push your body through a different level of pain - and then sit back and reflect at your achievement.

You need mental energy to fuel the body. Psyche yourself up to get the most out of your life. The body reacts to the power of the brain so make sure the power is going in the right direction - your mind will always control your matter.

You can lead a healthy life and be exhausted. So all the sleep, food and exercise in the world won't work if you waste mental energy.

Everyone has the potential to have high energy all the time, but energy levels go up and down – our energy is being sapped – by relationships – by work – by pretending to be someone you're not.

So you need to be yourself – it will stop your nerves being on edge – get your life in perspective – then the brain's chemical balances immediately start to level out and you'll feel the energy levels start to rise.

So the key to having mental energy is to take control of your life. If you've got too many bills to pay, too many emails, too many meetings, you'll feel out of control and you will be out of balance.

But how do you make this happen ?, just take small steps at a time, address a work issue head on, sort out relationship problems. Step by step analyze what is eating away at your mental energy and remove any negative barriers so that you channel your mental thoughts into a more positive direction.

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