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Record Sheet

Its important to keep a record of your results for each of the test you perform. Look at repeating the tests every 4 - 6 weeks so you can monitor your progression.

Write your score into the sample sheet below, or click here to download our PDF version.

As you repeat the tests, you will see what areas you have made, or not made improvements on. Its a useful way to keep you both focused and motivated on your training, as sometime the physical aspect, such as looking fitter may take longer than you wish - but seeing that your hard work in training is making improvements, is always a good thing to know, if you can't actually see it yet.

Simple write your score on your first test, next to the test in column 1, then when you repeat the test write your new results in column 2. You may decide to use different colour pens to show positive or negative results - such as red for positive - black for negative.

TEST 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
RESTING HEART RATE                    
BLOOD PRESSURE                    
LUNG CAPACITY                    
LEG STRENGTH                    
EXPLOSIVE POWER                    


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