Elbows Tucked

Having your elbows tucked into your sides will put more emphasis onto your triceps muscles as well as working your chest and shoulder muscles.

Adapt your desired press-up position, either a full press-up (as shown) or with your knees on the floor, taking note that because the elbows tucked push up focuses on your triceps, it can seem far harder to perform than a standard push up.

start with hands shoulder width apart aim to keep your elbows tucked into your sides

Keep your hands facing forward, shoulder width apart, with your wrists - elbows and shoulders, inline at the start of the movement.

Lower yourself down towards the floor in a smooth controlled manor, ideally 2 inches away from the floor, however work within your limits.

Avoid letting the elbows come away from your sides, as this is a good exercise for the triceps, as they are used in both the lowering under control phase, and to lift the body back up. If you allow your elbows to come out to the sides, then you will begin to work your chest muscles.

Arching of the spine and forcing your bottom into the air should be avoided.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.

Look in the Circuit Exercises area for some great ways for you to design your own circuit routine at home.

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