Advanced Upper 1

These upper body exercises are all of an advanced level, and should only be performed by persons of a high standard of fitness.

Its worth looking at the intermediate level 2 exercises and trying these rather than the advanced exercises  if your unsure of your fitness level - progress at your own pace but if you start to hard, you run the risk of injury.

Its essential that you spend at least 5 - 10 minutes warming up the muscles, or even better commence this circuit after you have being skipping for 10 minutes.

If you intend to workout with a partner, make sure that they are of a similar fitness level as yourself, don't encourage your training partner to perform exercises that you feel comfortable with. Always workout within your own fitness capabilities.

Aim to run through all of the exercises for a combination of 15 - 25 repetitions, or a time of 40 - 60 seconds maximum.

If working with a partner, it will be good to count each others repetitions or keep on eye on the clock, so that when one of you is working, one of you is resting for a short period.

As you both become fitter, you will soon be working together, however always have a little rest time between exercises 15 - 30 seconds.

Aim throughout to take in small sips of water to help keep your body hydrated and stretch your triceps and chest muscles whenever you get a chance.

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