Cable Wrist Curls

For best results, work by kneeling over a bench, having your forearms resting on the bench, to help isolate the wrist muscles, whilst grasping the cable attachment with your palms facing down.

Connect a suitable cable stir-up attachment to a low pulley cable, to work one wrist at a time, however if you want to work both forearms, you can easily attach a straight bar.

keep your wrist close to the cable focus on keeping your forearm in contact with the bench

Smoothly raise and lower the weight, whilst keeping your forearms in contact with the bench throughout the movement.

Focus on keeping your forearms in contact with the bench, whilst keeping your wrists close to the edge of the bench.

Can also be performed in a standing position, which if adopted, aim to keep your hands pulled in close to your body at waist level.

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