Wrist Barbell Bench Curl

Many gym goers often find that they can't lift a weight correctly, due to poor wrist strength, however very few people actually train their wrists, which is why many a barbell has been dropped during a deadlift exercise.

This exercise can be performed either with dumbbells - barbell - EZ bar or cable / resistance band.


Rest your forearms on a flat bench, with your palms facing upwards, keeping your wrists on the edge of the bench.

Aim to adopt a position that enables you to have your forearms horizontal to the floor, whilst you smoothly lower your hand down as far as possible, prior to lifting the weight / resistance, taking your hands towards your shoulders.

wrist barbell exerciseFocus on keeping your forearms in contact with the bench throughout the movement, with your shoulders pulled back and down, in order to avoid leaning over the bench.

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