Why Diets Don't Work

Most people who decide to lead a healthier lifestyle go on traditional diets. The truth is, however, that 95% of those who go on such diets fail; what's worse, they often end up in worse shape than when they started.

DEHYDRATION 70% of the body is made up of water. It is easy to design a dehydration diet that results in losing 10 lb. of water within several days. Many naive slimmer's are encouraged by these rapid results. Simply dehydration by 2-3 % of body weight can result in a 7% drop in physical performance.

LOSS OF MUSCLE TISSUE If you lose weight too quickly, much of the weight loss will be muscle tissue. It is estimated that when people lose over 2lbs of weight a week, 30-40% of the weight lost will be muscle.

This is a disaster for keeping the weight off in the long term because muscle is five times more active metabolically than fat tissue.

Exercise and Healthy Eating are the First Priority The aim of an exercise program is to lose fat without losing muscle and without reducing metabolic rate. The exercise needs to be customized to fitness level and to specific goal of fat loss.

Together aerobic exercise and resistance training are the ideal combination of exercise to achieve fat loss and it should be part of your lifestyle.

The following page will give both aerobic and resistance training advice.

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