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Dieting Advice

Dieting advice and what are the best weight loss supplements or tablets, is the most popular email request that this site receives.

There are so many different forms of dieting tablets and supplements out there, with some manufacturers making obscene claims of amazing rapid weight loss.

Today’s lifestyle of fast food and sedentary working has resulted in a rapid obesity level in the Modern World, however as modern people, most of us are still looking for the easy fix for weight loss in a bottle.

If you feel that this is the route to take, the Netfit Teams only advice is to make sure that you use whatever product, within the guidelines of that product.

Too many people believe by doubling the dosage, they will gets results in half the time - don’t make that mistake.

Every health and fitness magazine, or those with celebrities on the front cover will be full of adverts and claims of the latest amazing weight loss products.

Losing weight is not the key to being healthy and happy. Would you want to lose 20lb in 4 weeks, but have stretch marks and saggy skin - bad breathe and poor skin tone.

Rapid weight loss should be avoided, just like most diets. Your bodies are designed to digest food, not take its calories in the form of shakes..

Unfortunately most dieters don't realize that the actual process of breaking down FOOD, especially proteins requires a large calorie expenditure by the body, whereas drinking a protein shake requires very little.

With healthy eating and exercise you will create a well toned, healthier looking body - this process does require some effort and will-power but the end result is much better than any dieting plan can provide to you.

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