Fitness, Injuries and Form of Sports Players is What to Watch

football game

If you want to work out who's going to win a game, look no further than the fitness and form of the players to give you the heads up. Don't forget to factor in injuries to the squad too!

While most people find sports betting to be frustrating, there are a few tips that will give you an edge when looking to place a bet. The following tips will allow you to get the most enjoyment and money during your betting experience. The most important aspect in betting is keeping a cool head and placing bets on the teams you know the most about. If you are not quite sure about a team, make sure you do plenty of research on them before going on a whim and placing a bet. Some of the most important areas of research are as follows.

Team Form

Look at team performance over the last few games. Check to see who they are playing, any recent matches between the teams, and anything of note over the last few games. Did a team lose due to sloppy defense? Was there a miraculous goal scored? etc.

Home and Away Records

Another aspect is how a team performs at home or on the road. Some teams perform much better at home and could have a decisive advantage over an opponent.

Head-to-head Matches

Make sure to check the most recent matches played between the two teams. Always be sure to notice trends of dominance one team may have over another.

Injuries and Suspensions

Be sure to check the team news on any injuries or suspensions. These can have a major impact on team performance and could give one team a clear advantage.


This is a very important aspect when betting. Teams will have different motivational factors for a match, especially at the end of a season. Always check to see how badly a team needs points. A team who is clearly the better team may rest players while they play a team who desperately needs points.


Check the schedule to see if one team has played many recent games. A fatigued team could be in trouble facing a fresh team.

As with any sports betting tips these will not guarantee victory. While things may look perfect on paper, anything is possible. However, doing thorough research is the best way to tilt the odds in your favour.

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