Do You Have Extensive Sports Knowledge?

Ever wondered how you can use your knowledge of sporting events, sports and everything sport-related? From pub quizzes through to dice or card games, you will quickly find that knowledge is power.

So you think you know a lot about gambling games and sports? How much do you really know and what could you possibly do with all that in-depth knowledge? There's got to be more than just pub quizzes.

First - Gambling Vs Sports

Are there really similarities between knowing about sports and knowing about horses, dogs, card or dice games? Well in a nutshell, yes there are - but in more ways than you probably think. The pursuit of real understanding of either puts you in a position of 'power' as you will understand the intricacies of the games.

You want to be the best in predicting a result or an outcome - using research ion sites like or by studying dedicated newspapers or magazines. Either way you want to use that knowledge in a way that makes you look more knowledgeable than your peers. From a pub quiz to a racecourse or roulette table.

As with anything in life, the more you understand the game(s) you play, the more skill you acquire.

How Can You Get Started?

First of all, we all have to start somewhere - usually at the 'bottom'. If you are a beginner at anything, it's a good idea to start learning everything you can about the basics. From the rules in sport, through to the rules of your chosen game, get the basics under your belt and they become ingrained. Then you can start to look at more advanced plays and strategies that can help you.

From the laws of football through to why teams play a 4-4-2 or a 5-3-1 formation, these more advanced strategies come as you learn and spend more time. With gambling or casino games, once you know the rules, then practise with your friends or with online free accounts so you can see and understand what you have learned. This reduces your risks and means you can learn the pro's and cons of your actions.

Using Your Knowledge

As you gain in experience and knowledge, there's plenty of avenues open to you and your new found 'fame'. From becoming a sports pundit through to using that indpeth understanding to benefit a career in journalism, there's the creative output.

Secondly, why not use for pub quizzes? As part of a team, your newly found in depth sports and gaming knowledge could prove invaluable during those quiz rounds. From knowing the stars to the rules of the game, it all helps when it comes to answering questions against the clock.

Lastly, although this is not an exhaustive list, betting on your sport. Deciding who is going to score first or close out any game is always tricky - but with your insider knowledge and detailed experience of your chosen sport, you shoudl be able to hone in more easily on who and when the game will be won. Whether it's horses, cars, bikes or people, the list of optoins is huge.

Giving You Control

Because you know what you're talking about, you have complete control of when and where you want to use your knowledge. Whilst there's always a degree of luck required for any game or sport, understanding the minute detail means you're ability to predict more accurately is vastly increased. There's always guides and advice from a range of others, but using your own guile and experience puts you in the driving seat to get it right.

Games are normally stacked against players in the gambling sense. In a casino gambling the odds do not change and guides are provided to help you during the game. By contrast in sports betting, you can work to get the exact odds that you want, you can amend your cash stakes and as all games are different there are no guides, which allows you more control over what happens.

Sports Betting Is Just As Exciting

Whether you are betting on football or the outcome of a golf tournament there is excitement attached to the sport itself. Watching the game unfold with other fans there is drama, personalities and events constantly changing. Compare this to playing a casino game whether it be poker or blackjack- the culture, the energy levels are very different to a sporting event.

More Choices?

It is now possible to bet on almost any sport-individual and team, including football, rugby, golf, basketball, tennis and cricket, all online or in person. It can help if you know something about the sport and you follow sporting form, but it isn’t always necessary.

This differs from games in a casino, where a lack of knowledge and understanding of games like craps, roulette or poker can really hinder you. There's a wide range of options and various types of games like poker that actually varying in difficulty. Mastering any of these games is difficult.

What Can You Predict?

Whether you choose sports, games or other forms of gambling, what can you actually control? You can argue the least controllable is sport - as you're not directly playing the game, rather watching it. However, your skill here is in being able to predict who the best team are and how both team strategies may play out in terms of finding the winning team.

With gambling and casinos there is a huge element of chance involved. You can understand the rules and the actual games, and whilst you can use the best strategies to try and get the outcome you want, the 'chance' involved means you are not entirely in control of your own destiny. However, there are multiple short games and ways to enhance your chances.

In Summary

So, both betting on a sport or in a casino is gambling. Both involve an element of risk, but with that comes a lot of enjoyment and excitement for many. Sports betting may give you more options as your knowledge of form and studying predictions will help you get things right. However, as you are not in control of what's happening, this means it is in the lap of the gods somewhat. On the other hand playing cards, dice games or even dominos gives you a sense of ownership and power of exactly what you do next. Yes there is a huge element of luck and the cards have to be in your favour - but the chance to take greater control over your betting is what lots of people prefer.

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