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An abscess (from the Latin abscessus meaning going away) is an inflamed localized collection of necrotic tissue and pus, an abcess can occur following solid tissue injury.

An abcess starts following injury and infection with pus forming bacteria, the body triggers an acute inflammatory reaction (swelling) around the margin of the affected area to isolate the infected tissue and to stop the spread of infection. The dead tissue then separates from the surrounding living tissue and undergoes putrefaction (pus formation).

A spreading non localized inflammatory response is referred to as cellulitis. The accumulating pus within the abscess places pressure around the surrounding tissue causing pain. The pus occasionally tracks to the point of least resistance and bursts, slowly releasing its contents.

A skin abscess is usually self-healing in a healthy adult. However, a persistent abscess or those occurring in any internal organs may require medical intervention.

Additional medical conditions:

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