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Abuse of drugs

People start taking drugs for all sorts of reasons, sometimes for fun or a dare, other times because their lifestyle is under pressure and drug taking is thought to be a temporary way of helping to forget their worries but can easily turn into drug abuse.

Unfortunately, like alcohol and tobacco, it is a very short time before addiction takes over and the ability to function normally is soon lost which is when the term drug abuse is commonly used. A viscous circle arises where mood swings of highs and lows, inevitably lead to an increase in drug taking, or a change in the type of substance used.

There seems no limit to the type of foreign substances a person will use to abuse their body e.g. Cannabis, LSD, gases, glues and aerosols, Ecstasy, Speed, Heroin, Magic Mushroom. Some of these substances act as stimulants, some as hallucinogens and others as tranquillizers. Whatever the substance, the abuse without exception, will cause damage to the body be it temporary, long term or permanent.

The risks are too high to justify the short term ‘BUZZ', but it is often impossible for the user to realize this at the time as their senses are numbed.

It is sometimes difficult, but not impossible, to stand your ground in today's society and refuse the offer of drugs.

However if you care about your body and want the best in life, drug abuse is not the answer. The use of Anabolic Steroids by sportsmen is not only dangerous but cheating, what is the glamour in being a Cheat?

If you suspect someone close to you is taking drugs, help them by urging them to speak to their parents, teacher or doctor, or ring the NATIONAL DRUG HELP LINE on 0800 776600.


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