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The condition affecting the airways of your lungs is known as Asthma. The linings of the lungs become inflamed. This results in the network of tubes within the lungs, which allows air to flow in and out, to become swollen and therefore their central opening or passageway, becomes narrower. With athsma breathing out can be just as difficult as breathing in, sometimes more so.

Asthma suffers experience feelings of tightness in the chest, wheezing, and sometimes a cough. It is a common problem, affecting approximately 10% of the adult population and there is a higher incidence in children. It can be hereditary i.e. it runs in families, but whether there is one gene or several, research has yet to find out. The illness is often seen linked with hay fever and eczema, both auto immune disorders.

The symptoms are usually ‘triggered' by exposure to certain allergens such as house dust, pollens, animal fur especially cats, and even cigarette smoke. Other conditions such as exercise or a viral infection or cold can initiate an attack.

Treatment is based along the lines of reducing the inflammation in the lungs with e.g. steroid based inhalant, this can sometimes in severe cases be used as a prophylaxis. Secondly a bronchodilator, which allows the lining of the lung tissue to relax and the airway passage to expand.

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