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A severe dependence or addiction and a cumulative pattern of behaviors, associated with drinking alcohol is called alcoholism. These behavioral patterns, have assisted in drawing on eight symptoms which are used to define an alcoholic and their level of alcoholism. Their frequency and severity and the age at which they occur, will help to decide the extent of the alcoholism.

1) Frequent intoxication leading to interference with work and socialization.
2) Absenteeism at work leading to being fired
3) Marriage failure.
4) Medical treatment being sought.
5) Physical injury whilst intoxicated.
6) Apprehension by the Police whilst driving under the influence of alcohol.
7) Arrest by the Police for drunkenness.
8) Hospitalization for episodes of severe delirium due to intoxication or Cirrhosis of the Liver.(damage caused by alcohol abuse and can be fatal.)

To recognize some or all of the above having happened to yourself or a friend, then a problem clearly exists.

Alcohol abuse can lead to multiple organ damage and it may go undetected for some time, but it will eventually cause irreversible damage and probably an early death.

The best treatment that has effectively helped many, is to join a self-help group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). There are other advice help lines for further information.Tel; Alcohol Concern 0207 928 7377, Drink line 0345 32 02 02 or contact your local health promotion unit or alcohol advisory service.

Additional medical conditions:

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