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The inflammation of one or more joints is commonly known as arthritis. The symptoms are usually pain, swelling, warmth and redness of the area of skin over the joint. The causes behind the arthritis (inflammatory changes) can be numerous e.g. overuse of the joint, or by an underlying systemic disorder e.g. Rheumatoid disease, infective arthritis, and Psoriasis. Every person will be affected by Osteoarthritic changes caused by normal wear and tear of the joints.

Many factors can exacerbate the arthritis problem such as occupation, weight, repetitive overuse and age.

When a joint is inflamed a chemical reaction is occurring on the joint surfaces, which has a damaging affect almost similar to corrosion. To reduce and control this reaction, rest or restraining from the activity which is causing it should be your first step. Medical treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs is extremely beneficial. Some people may gain benefit from homeopathic treatment, Acupuncture or Osteopathy.

Arthritis is normally detected by means of a blood test, which checks your inflammatory levels.

Arthritic changes, i.e. the effect of arthritis on the joint, can be detected on an X-ray.

Additional medical conditions:

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