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The unhealthy attraction to a substance is known as Addiction. Whether this is an addiction to a variety of drugs, alcohol, tobacco pain killers and other substances.

Addiction or drug dependence is complex, at least three elements have to be considered before any recovery can take place.

1) the addictive drug
2) predisposing conditions
3) the personality of the user

The chemical compound of these substances acts on the central nervous system to bring about changes, which are found to be pleasurable. Unfortunately, because we are artificially inducing these changes within our system, we may be overloading it or poisoning ourselves. Most definitely this is not a healthy approach to life.

In order to stop the addiction and attempt to treat it e.g. stopping smoking, you must first confront the reasons behind the need for the effect these substances produce.

Often addiction arises out of boredom, lack of confidence, self-esteem and social pressures. Without addressing these areas specifically and thus believing to have overcome the problem, there is often a lapse and a return to the addiction.

Addiction can be sensibly helped by addressing the reasons behind it, take one step at a time and seek the advice and help from your GP and self help organizations.

Additional medical conditions:

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