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This is a term used to describe a number of abnormal characteristics recognised in some children, during their early stages of development. One disorder on its own is not sufficient to make a diagnosis of Autism, but the following descriptions seen together, have been noted as being shared by Autistic children.

1) Abnormal Social relationships e.g. no bonding with parents, no cuddles, avoids eye contact.
2) Some are Mute i.e. they do not make any sounds at all. They usually have some language disorder.
3) They show compulsive behaviour, with rituals or repetitive acts, often attachments to familiar objects.
4) In some cases there is uneven intellect development.

Treatment is along the lines of behavioural therapy, often taught to parents so that treatment can start early in the home. Speech therapy is also advisable at an early age. This is a difficult and patience testing problem for all connected to the child, and at present very little is know about its causes, and there are no promises of a complete cure.

Additional medical conditions:

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