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The treatment which involves the inhalation of essential oils of aromatic plants is known as aromatherapy. The aromatherapy inhalation can be achieved by adding these oils to a hot bath, or by inhaling them directly by putting a few drops in a bowl of hot water and inhaling the fragrant steam.

Another very popular aromatherapy is by having the oils mixed with a base oil and applied to the body with massage. The oils can also be vaporized in an oil burner. Care must be taken when choosing which aromatic oil you wish to use as each has its own properties and for some people, especially pregnant women , certain oils should be avoided.

Aromatherapy is well recognised amongst the complementary therapies for its beneficial uses in stress reduction. It can improve moods and especially combined with massage, can be of great benefit in reducing muscle tension and assisting the body to heal itself.

As with all therapeutic treatments it is essential to seek treatment from a competent and fully qualified therapist. For details telephone the International Federation of Aroma therapists on 0208 742 2602.

Additional medical conditions:

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