Upper Body Training Programs

When looking for upper body training programs, you can find chest, bicep and tricep exercise free on Netfit.co.uk. Simple ways to change your workouts!


Standing Biceps using either cable pulley or free weights, keep the elbows tucked into the side, avoiding any swinging movement. Aim to this set as a rapid drop set, working ideally with 4 –6 different weights, start heavy then work down doing only 10 reps minimum rest.

If working with free weights, look at keeping your back pushed into a solid wall if possible, as this will really help to isolate the biceps muscle. If performing this method, make sure you use a weight that is lighter than normal, as you will soon realize the difference just a little swing makes when lifting the weight.


Incline Bench Dumbbell curls, an excellent exercise to totally isolate the biceps, work one arm at a time in a smooth 2-0-2 motion. Avoid twisting the body when lifting the weight, concentrate on keeping the weight in line with the bench at all times. Aim for 2-3 sets of the same weight, making a note on how many you do with each arm, as this will indicate the difference in strength between your arms.

You may also aim to change the way that you lift the weight, reverse - hammer - normal style, however focus on keeping your triceps and elbow in contact with the bench.


Seated cable curls, or two arm curl on a Scott bench. Work in a strong slow motion with reasonable weight, aim for a 4-0-3 rate doing 8-12 reps for 2-3 sets. Concentrate on good form and breathing throughout the exercise.

If you don't have an incline bench, you can work off a Swiss Ball, keeling down behind it, or even a flat bench, working off one of the sides.

There are over 80 different biceps exercises, and plenty of new workouts available for members - why not take a look.


Reverse Curl, using either free weights or cable, place your hands on the bar with your palms facing you. Keep your elbows as close to your side as possible aim for a 3-0-2 rate doing 10 – 12 reps with the same weight for 2-3 sets.

You may wish to isolate this movement even further by working off a Scott bench, or the side of a flat bench.


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