Upper Body Training Programs

When looking for upper body training programs, you can find chest, bicep and tricep exercise free on Netfit.co.uk. Simple ways to change your workouts!


Inclined bench (30°) 1 set 12 – 15 reps with lightweight, concentrate on good technique, and warming the chest muscles up. Follow this with 2-3 sets x 10 -12 reps dumbbell presses. Aim for a 3-0-2 workout rate, 3 sec's to lower the weight, then 2 sec's to lift.

Flat bench press, using either machine or free weights. Aim for 4 – 6 sets in a pyramid set. Aim for either a reduction in reps with the same weight, or reduce the weight each time, and keep the reps the same, maintain correct form in a smooth motion, 2-0-2 rate.

You may wish to use a combination of hand grips - wide (as shown) normal or even close grip, however always have the weight suited to your strength level.


Pec Deck on either machine or dumbbells, reduce the weight each time, maintaining correct form. 3 sets of 12 – 15 reps, in a 2-0-2 rate with minimal rest between sets, concentrate on keeping the elbows at shoulder height.

You may want to use dumbbells for the first 1 - 2 sets, and as your arms become tired, work on the machine.


Bench Fly's on either inclined or flat bench, using dumbbells. Remember not to allow your elbows to go lower than your shoulders, and bring your hands together at the top, 3-0-2 rate 3 sets of 12 –15 reps same weight.

Cable Cross Over's, 2-1-2 rate 3 sets of 10 –12 reps same weight. Stay in the center of the cable pulley's, leaning slightly forward, bring the weights to your center line, hold for a split second before returning under control to start position.

There are a number of different variations, in both machines and different exercises you can perform for the chest, the netfit members area, has the largest resource of exercise descriptions anyway on the Internet, plus a number of different workouts for each body part.


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