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Swimming Training

With a swimming training program, the exercises you use out of the pool are almost as important as your training in it! Find some great ideas for swim training exercises with our help.

swimming trainingIf you're looking for swimming exercises and swimming training tips, then look no further. Swimming is a sport that requires both muscular strength and endurance, and for this reason when training with weights you need to concentrate on developing strong muscles with high endurance capabilities.

Aim for either high reps (15+) with low / medium size weights ideally for 1-2 sets, to build good muscular endurance, followed by 1 set using a heavier weight, for 6-10 reps to build strength (not size), or the reps outlined below.

Training with weights 2-3 times a week, will give you good results, concentrate on the upper body for two sessions, the lower body for one session. Always remember to have a minimum of a day's rest between weight training sessions.

Read the notes on strength training, as well as the individual notes to obtain good technique. The below exercises are only examples, you do not need to do them all, however aim to increase the number of different exercises you do each week.

You can get more information on fitness training, exercise programs and swimming training thanks to NetFit.co.uk.

On the following pages we have upper and lower body workout programs designed to help you build strength purely for swimming.

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