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Tennis Training

Are you looking for tennis training ideas and exercises to help you on the court? From workouts to tennis exercise tips for footwork as well as overall strength, let us provide the tips and support.

The following drills with help improve hand / eye speed

  • Ball Drops:

    Have a partner hold a ball in each hand, and get them to drop one of them without warning in front of you. Your aim is to catch the ball before it hits the floor
  • Balloon & Foot:

    Blow two balloons up, and spend time keeping them up in the air by either hitting them with a racket, or kicking them with your feet
  • Hand Changes:

    Playing against a wall with a ball, constantly hit the wall changing hands rapidly between shots, aim to get as close to the wall as possible
  • Ball over Shoulder:

    Looking straight ahead, have a partner drop a ball over your shoulder, aim to hit the ball as quickly as possible either over the net or against the wall
  • Balance Ball Bounce:

    If possible work on a wobble board, whilst a partner bounces balls towards you. The aim is to rapidly change your position whilst being off balance
  • Ball Play:

    Working on your bad shots, have a partner constantly play against these shots so that you can analysis what you are doing wrong

Remember becoming fitter will certainly help your chosen racquet sport, however good advice from a qualified coach, or simply watching professionals play, will help improve both your tactical ability and skills for the game.

A positive frame of mind is essential in all sports, if you want to be a winner. Avoid getting negative, or simply giving up the game, especially in Tennis. Work hard for every point, aim to win every point, and watch the pressure you put on your opponent, when you are 40 / 0 down but trying your hardest just to make it 40 / 15. It is here that your opponent will start to get double faults, or simply get frustrated with their game.

Remember that not everyone wants to win, some people will play the game for the enjoyment, I hope that these notes will improve your game, and enable you to play with players that are normally of a higher level.

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