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Tennis Training

Are you looking for tennis training ideas and exercises to help you on the court? From workouts to tennis exercise tips for footwork as well as overall strength, let us provide the tips and support.

Specific strength exercises :

Along with these exercises, you should aim to do the following at least twice a week, to aid prevention from tennis elbow, and shoulder instability, which can occur due to the muscles in your chest and front (deltoid) shoulder becoming stronger than those of your back.

Aim to do the following WRIST exercises 2 - 3 times a week.

Large rotations of a disk weight / heavy plate for 30 seconds in each direction. Keep the movement from the wrist.

Grasp a disk weight / heavy book between your fingers - holding for 30 seconds plus - keep weight close to the floor

Lift and lower a light bar or broom handle / golf club, using just the muscles of your wrist and forearm to do the lifting. Lift and lower under control 10/12 times

Hold a suitable bar or broomstick at arms length - smoothly cross over your hands towards the ends of the bar - keeping the bar horizontal. Aim for 5 moves in each way

Aim to do the following WRIST exercises 2 - 3 times a week.

Perform 2 sets of each exercise with suitable weight 12 / 15 times. Full exercise descriptions are available in the members area.

Perform these exercises with either a band or low cable machine pulley, ideally twice a week, however not before your game. Aim for 10 - 12 reps of each exercise. Aim to keep the elbow by your side for the last two exercises.



As with most sports, people forget to stretch prior to the start of the game. With all racquet sports having sudden bursts at any point in the game, it is vital to stretch the whole body in order to prevent injury. After a gradual warm-up spend time stretching, both statically; (see the section on stretching in the fitness area of the Web Site), then DYNAMICALLY.

Dynamic stretching involves slow controlled rhythmic movements progressively through the range of movements associated with your game. A section on dynamic stretching will be added to the site.

At the end of your game, again spend a few minutes stretching of your muscles. The members area has a complete section specifically designed for stretching for racket sports, along with a full explanation of over 1,000 different exercises and stretches.

So what about some drills and co-ordination exercises to help your game :

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