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Golf Fitness Training

With our golf fitness training and exercises, you can work on a golf program in the gym that suits your needs. From improving strength to increasing your suppleness, our workouts can help you improve your game.

If you're looking for a FREE golf fitness training program and specific golf exercises to improve your game, then netfit.co.uk may be able to help you. You can also find some more online golf information and advice .

The information provided here has been taken from our members area, where you will be able to find numerous other sporting and fitness programs, all having full exercise descriptions.

An 18 round game of golf may take upwards of 4 hours to play, however your actual activity time with the exception of walking around the course will be less than 2 minutes of club swing. With the exception of putting, the action involved with the golf swing requires controlled explosive rotational force.

Our FREE golf exercises below should help you to build strength and muscle to cope with this expolsive force :

Plyometric training will enable the golfer to increase both driving distance and accuracy, combined with a reduction in injury.

Due to the physical capabilities of most golfers, care should be taken to work at your own fitness level, as plyometrics will place maximal demands upon your muscles - aim to get yourself in shape prior to over exerting yourself.

Rotational strength from core abdominal work, combined with a small amount of leg and upper body exercises, should ideally be performed once a week, however at least two days rest should be had before playing any game.

Suitable Exercise's For Your Abdominals

Seated MB Twist MB Golf Swing MB Lateral Bends
Lunge Pass Lateral Pass Swiss Ball
Oblique Twists MB Wall

Aim to perform 2 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions of each exercise - in a slow controlled motion. You don't need to do all exercises - work within your limits.



Suitable Upper Body Exercises





Tennis Back Toss Standing Throw Slam Down





Suitable Lower Body Exercises





90 Degree Jumps Alt Straddle Rotations




So whilst this is only a start, you can see that including the right exercises in your workout really can make a difference to your fitness for playing golf.


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