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Jacqui Macquisten

Jacqui Macquisten is the UK's fittest gym based female athlete, having won numerous gym challenges over the years - including her own new sport of Octathalon, which test athletes of all abilities with their fitness - strength and mental capabilities.


Jacqui Macquisten

World Octathalon Champion

Health Club Games Champion

Superteams Champion

Personal Goals
To grow a new sport for gyms - The Octathalon, To maintain my title of Britains Fittest Woman for as long as I can.
Proudest Moment
Having 2 sons who love what they do
Biggest Set Back
Bad medical advice that perpetuated an injury far longer than it should have taken to recover from.
When do you Train
20 hours a week, rest days when needed
What Type
Running, Cycling, Rowing, Circuit training, Strength & Conditioning, Anaerobic threshold training all tailored to what I am competing in.
Exercise Tips
Trust your intuition when it comes to training. Always train smart not always train hard.
Advice or Vice
Resveratrol is one of the best antioxidants you can get to rid yourself of all the free radicals you get from training. I get mine from wine.

To find out more about Jacqui Macquisten, please visit her official website. she's worth it.


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