Static Press Up

Working your muscles in a static position, will help increase the strength and overall size of the muscle, however due to the increase in internal muscular tension, this method of press up should be avoided by persons who suffer from high blood pressure.

static press or push upsAdopt whichever press up position you wish to use, smoothly lower yourself down, to its midpoint position, and focus on holding yourself statically in place for as long as comfortably possible.

You may wish to perform a set number of reps, or simply just the one, however try adopting different hand positions if performing more than one rep - normal - wide - close arm.

Focus on keeping your legs and body straight with your head slightly up, taking care not to strain your muscles.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.

Look in the Home Workout area for a great sample workout, if any of these exercises are too hard, then adjust them to your own needs.

Remember to record how many repetitions and sets you can perform, so that you will so how your getting fitter and stronger in all areas. Download your free PDF Record Sheet

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