Gym Reviews

Welcome to our Gym reviews section. We've pulled together some simple reviews to try and help you see what's on offer at the leading chains across the country. Our gym reviews may help - they may not!

We have reviews for all of the major gyms and health clubs and have dedicated areas for the different styles of gyms available out there. Roscoe Nash,'s Director, always tries to pop into the main health clubs throughout the UK - as this way he can see all of the good and bad things that the UK fitness industry has to offer.

Always make sure the club meets your needs - does it have a creche, swimming pool or squash courts. Far to often people find out the wrong answers after they have made the commitment.

If your new to an area, then you can generally get good feedback of what the local health clubs are like by asking your local sports shop.

Don't be afraid to ask for a visitor / guest pass from the club, at worse the club will say no (generally on health and safety grounds).

Lets face it, you don't often buy a car without testing it, so why should you be exspected to give a large sum of money without seeing and trying whats on offer. Being shown around the gym, will show you whats on offer - being able to use and train in the gym, will let you feel the true atmosphere.

A good health club will let you experiance whats on offer - a good sales assistant will give you a guest pass.


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