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Finding gyms in your area is the first step for many. Rather than working out at home, get motivated by having others around you working out and get some help from personal trainers too.

There's lots of choice for gyms wherever you look, from Manchester to London, Brighton to Edinburgh. Gyms should offer you the facilities you want (classes, free weights or even a pool) as well as be affordable for you each month. So to find your nearest gyms choose from the links below to get started!

Netfit.co.uk help you make the right choice by helping you to find your nearest gyms and leisure centres. We have all the major gyms reviewed and you can then search by you location to find the right one for you.

We can help you with the basics of getting a good deal on membership and making sure that you get the best value for money when choosing your new club if you take a look at our gym review section first. Once you've found the brand you like search for your nearest gym with our database of clubs.

The best advice before commiting to spend, what can be for some a vast some of money, is to try and get into the club as either a guest or on a trial basis.

This way you can see how the gym works and the enviroment your likely be training in. Ideally if you can have a trial / guest visit, make sure that you go to the gym at the likely times and days that you will look at going when your a member. It's far to easy for a gym to give you a pass with time restrictions on - if the equipment is always busy, then your likely going to be annoyed - not the purpose for going to the gym!

Most gyms work on a two fold payment basis - the first being a joining fee and the second your membership, either monthly or annually. Spend the time to choose the right gym for your needs, or its likely that you won't go, but your likely be signed up to a legally binding contract.

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