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Hamstring Leg Curl

The hamstring curl machine is the best exercise to develop the muscles of your hamstrings, however if your gym or home does not have this piece of equipment, you can still work your hamstring muscles by performing the curl on the floor. If you have a low pulley machine you can also attach a ankle strap to the pulley, whilst using a light weight to simulate a hamstring curl machine movement.

This is a good exercise to develop your hamstring muscles, without any equipment.

aim to keep the foot off the floor throughout smoothly lift heel up towards your buttocks

Support yourself by resting one knee and foot on the floor and both hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, palms facing forward.

Keeping one leg off the floor, at about shoulder height, bend at the knee bringing your foot up towards your buttocks in a slow controlled motion, aiming to take 5 seconds for each repetition.

Throughout the exercise aim to keep your back straight, with your knees close together, looking down towards the floor at all times.

Repeat on both sides, aiming to gradually build up the number of repetitions you can perform.

Once you have finished, take a few moments to stretch out your hamstrings afterwards.

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