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Dieting Pills

There are so many different dieting pills and tablets on sale nowadays. You can't open up a magazine without reading about the latest dieting tablets, often with some C list celebrity earning some pennies to endorse yet another dieting pill.

Don't think you're doing the body a favor by taking dieting tablets which may not be fully tested, or even if they are, have unpleasant side effects. The bloating and diarrhea is unfair exchanges for cheating the intestines.

None of these dieting pills or potions, will make your heart stronger, your circulation better, or raise your self-esteem. Exercise does all three, and more.

Exercise raises your metabolism, burns excess fat, cures bloating, and suppresses appetite. Eating healthy foods has no side effects; and it requires no prescriptions. Make lifestyle changes for a healthy life, don’t sell your self-esteem to a pill.

Think you'll be able to lose five pounds in five days taken 3 simple pills - you can. The problem is that you have lost what your body requires to be healthy; water, glycogen stores and muscle tissue.

Actual weight loss is mostly from the shunting of fluid which occurs when you suddenly deny yourself food. You will use up some of your glycogen stores; (each gram of glycogen stores about 4 grams of water). The day you re-commence normal eating, the glycogen stores, and the water, is replaced.

Save your money, use it on eating healthy, and buying some good shoes to exercise in. This will give you weight loss in the form of fat. It may be slow, however start today, stay with it and results will come, but more importantly last.

The diet industry, is the only industry I know, where people buy products, use them, find out that they don't work, then buy some more, with just different labels and amazing claims.

Certain nutrients or combinations of nutrients can either speed up fat loss or help to overcome the plateau points.

For instance, carnitine is necessary to transport fat into the mitochondria within the cell where it is metabolized. Low levels of carnitine make it almost impossible to lose fat. Conversely, carnitine can speed up fat loss.

If your going to waste your money on buying dieting pills or potions, then support me by clicking the links on this page, I'm not a celebrity but the pennies will help.

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