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Chitosan Pills

Chitosan weight loss pills are actually a fibre pill that apparently "binds" itself to fatty foods in your body before that fat has a chance to be digested properly.

Chitosan acts like a food diuretic for fat calories by contributing to increased bowel movements for those indigestible fat calories that the chitosan diet pills have bonded to.

This bonding of undigested fat results in irregular bathroom visits due to your body excreting the fat in a semi raw state after it has passed through your intestines and also causing excess gas.

The side effects associated with chitosan diet pills plus the fact that any weight loss in the form of water, not current body fat, gives this form of dieting a poor health recommendation.

Look at healthier weight loss alternatives rather than the chitosan diet pill, eat sensibly reducing your calorie intake if necessary but increase your calorie output with some form of exercise.

Whatever diet or weight loss program you go on, make sure it is one that you can stay on.

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