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Food Diary

Keeping a food diary is one of the most powerful tools in controlling your weight, as once you can actually see what you have eaten for a week, you can begin the repair process.

A diary will help you to identify negative dietary habits, and really think about what you put in your mouth - make sure that everything is registered.

Print off a couple of diary's, keeping one at home, ideally in the kitchen, with another at your place of work or where you generally have lunch and a third in your wallet / purse for when you stop off and have those sneaky calorie rich convience foods.

Food diaries are used by dieticians and nutritionists, and many weight loss programs also utilize them. Your food diary should include the following information:

  • When you ate.
  • What you ate.
  • How much you ate.
  • Where you ate.
  • With whom did you eat.
  • How did you feel?

Regularly noting this information is the first step to really understanding what you eat and why.

» Click here for a sample food diary «


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