Botox Ends Clammy Palms

For hyperhidrosis sufferers, embarrassing clammy handshakes, scaring off the recipients, showing their nervousness and losing business deals on the boardroom floor are a frequent reality. But, with help from the Transform's Cosmetic Surgery Group’s new Botox treatment called 'Palm-tox', these horrible moments can be a thing of the past.

Transform, Great Britain's leading cosmetic surgery provider has begun using the popular wrinkle treatment Botox to help hyperhidrosis patients end their struggle with profusely sweaty hands. This treatment is expected to be a welcomed relief to at least 1% of the country who are currently dealing with this condition.

The cosmetic surgery provider has had more current and new Botox patients visit their London locations for help with their sweaty palms than ever before. In fact, Transform believes the current economic climate and the warmer weather have contributed to a 200% increase in interest for the service since October of 2009. A large portion of the inquiring patients are men who have yet to find a suitable treatment and are desperate to end this problem once and for all.

To treat heavy perspiring palms, a cosmetic surgery professional injects Botox into key points under the skin. Once injected, the substance blocks the nerves that lead to the sweat glands and inhibit the signal's ability to reach the glands and trigger moisture production. The results of the ten-minute procedure can easily last for up to six months before the procedure needs to be redone.

"Transform has had more and more patients coming through its doors looking for an effective treatment that will end the embarrassment of hyperhidrosis. Palm-tox was introduced specifically to help patients who have excessive sweating in their underarm areas, which affects an estimated one in one-hundred Britons," explains Gwen Davies, the Non-Surgical Manager for the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group.

"Our team of cosmetic surgeons wants to improve the lives of patients by using the wrinkle treatment Botox to treat additional health conditions. This has led to treatments for several problems including bruxism, sweating and migraines. The public does need to use caution, however; this is a special procedure that requires the expertise of an experienced professional," said Transform's Gwen Davies.

Transform is Great Britain's most popular provider of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments such as Botox, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty. The group has been in the industry for 35 years and Transform has 24 locations throughout the UK.

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