Taking a Corner

Its important that you learn how to take a corner kick in football / soccer, as this can be an excellent opportunity to score a goal.

Corners are awarded, when the ball passes across the defending teams goal line, after being hit by any of the defending team players / goal keeper, if you can't shoot at goal or pass the ball, aim for a corner kick, by hitting the ball against one of the players.

There are a number of different methods of taking corner kicks, but which ever method you use, it should be practiced on the training pitch, so that all players on your side know what to do - where and when to run / jump.

Common examples of corner kicks, are the Short Corner, which like its name describes, is simply a short pass to one of your team mates, generally along the ground. This type of corner is good, as it will enable you to keep possession and generally position both yourself and the ball into a better place, in order to strike the ball towards the goal.

The Inswinging Corner Kick is one of the most common types of football / soccer corners played by quality players, as its hard to defend against. The Inswinger corner kick, simply takes the ball initially outwards, towards the area of the six yard box, then curls inwards, generally towards the area of the rear post.

A Deep Corner Kick, is performed with the main intention of striking the head of one of your team players, a few yards past the rear goal post, so that they can then redirect the ball, generally downwards, so that other players can strike at goal. The disadvantage with this method of football / soccer corner kick, is that the ball is generally longer in the air and as such, should be easier for a good goal-keeper to defend against.

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