Upper Body Circuit

Are you looking for an upper body circuit to help you get in shape? Why not check out our advice on exercises and how many reps and sets you could do as part of a program to help you get the most out!

The weights that use, should reflex on your current strength levels, for safety reasons, start with a lightweight establishing good technique before increasing gradually.

If you find that you're struggling to lift the weight during the first set, then you have probably started with a weight that is to heavy, so I would advise to lower the weight.

A LIGHT WEIGHT is certainly recommended for some of the exercises, personally when I perform this routine, I have two different dumbbell weights to work with.

At the end of each set, take in some fluid, and have a minimum of two minutes rest before performing the next session. Keep warm with either a sweatshirt or towel, and if necessary stretch your upper body.

Use the following table to record and monitor your progress, with your aim being to gradually increase the amount of reps that you can perform.





So once you have started to record your workouts, check out our other areas that may help you to hone your workout technique as well as getting some great tips to help you.

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