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Upper Body Strength Training

Look at the section on stretching to help prevent injury and to maintain your stretching all year round, especially after long rides. The members area has a complete section dealing with suitable stretches for cycling, along with a full explanation of over 1,500 different exercises.

Dorsal Raises, Back, keep your head looking down at the floor at all times. Aim for 2 sets of 8 - 15 reps. Can be made harder by using small weights.
Upper Back - upright row , aim to perform high reps, for 1 set with a light weight, keeping the elbows high for 2 seconds before lowering.
Abdominal's, aim to perform 2 sets of as many reps as you feel comfortable with. Keep the movement smooth with your chin off your chest.
Triceps Dips, depending on your fitness level choose the correct style for you. Aim for 1 set for as many reps as possible.
Concentric curls Biceps, work each arm one at a time aiming for good technique. Monitor the difference in strength in each arm. Work for 2 sets of as many reps.
Wrist exercises, concentrate on performing a variety of different wrist exercises, for high reps. Look in the wrist section for different exercises.
Abdominals lying side bends, work one side at a time for as many reps as possible. Support your neck with your other hand.
Bench Press Chest. Perform this exercise with different hand grips, normal, wide and close arm. Aim for 10 - 12 reps, 1 set each style.
Back extension, avoid coming up to far, aim to perform in a smooth slow motion for 1 set of as many reps as possible.
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