Motivation in Sport

Are you looking for tips on motivation in sport and fitness? Need a little help to workout or do those exercises each day? Why not get motivated with a little help from our advice and tips.

Don't Feel Guilty:
So you missed one workout, okay maybe it was a weeks worth, STOP feeling guilty or stressed out, relax don't be hard on yourself, just back up one paragraph and Start today, then read the next paragraph.

Do Something:
Every little helps, going to the gym three times rather than twice a week
is 50 % more, add that to walking around the office a bit more, or walking to the train station for work, will all help your long term goal. If you can't workout three times a week, then set a goal to do it only once or twice, achieve that goal and feel good about it.

Review Your Priorities:
Take time out to look at your daily activities and priorities. Are they what you want? Is improved quality of life one of them? How badly do you want or need them?

Create Variety in Your Program:
Something about the spice of's too true. Variety in your fitness program not only keeps it interesting and fun but also stresses different muscles giving you a more rounded workout. If you walk around the block each day, try going the other way or simply on the other side of the street.

Practice Positive Self Thinking:
Your exercise time, is time for you. So double the benefit and use that time to strengthen your psyche as well as your muscles. Think about your strong personal attributes, how they have helped you in the past and how they will help you in the future. A healthy mind helps you achieve a healthy body.

Play A Video Game:
If it works for you, do it. Sit down on the exercise bike and cycle away whilst trying to beat the highest score on the Nintendo.

Use Equipment That Is Easy to Use:
There's nothing harder, then uncomfortable, ugly, poorly maintained equipment to hinder your motivation. Buy equipment that is best for you, and easy for you to use. Make sure it is comfortable, wear your workout clothes and give the equipment a good try out before you buy, don't clog out the garage with uncomfortable bikes and rowers. Locate it somewhere that is nice to be and make sure you keep it clean and in good working order.

Problem Solve:
Try using this time to solve some problem at work or at home. Sometimes the change in scenery will help you find an answer that previously escaped you. Take your phone out with you from the office, and walk around the block.

Get the support from Friends and Family:
People, who care about you will help support your goals, tell people what you are doing, and as the more people who know, the more support you should get.

Do a class:
With a number of various classes around you can easily find one suited to your own fitness requirements. Make sure that the instructor is qualified, and before the class starts, tell the instructor that you are new, so that this way they can monitor you.

Pick a role model:
Aim to achieve the fitness body of your favorite role model, you may not achieve the same body as them, but at least you will improve your own.

If you're reading this, then you must have read all the motivation tips, pick the ones you like, making use of them and enjoying a fitter healthier life.



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