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Skiing Exercises

If you like winter sports, skiing exercises should come as no surprise pre-season! Tone and strengthen those muscles that you will be using to help prevent injuries that are too common on the slope.

skiingFitness exercises for skiing, should not be ignored, as skiing is for most people a recreational sport that they participate in once a year.

For this reason most individuals are poorly conditioned prior to their skiing activity, and pay the price of sore muscles, reduced time on the slopes and injury.

Your ski fitness programme should begin a minimum of 8 weeks prior to your time on the slope. The key areas to look at are, muscular strength and endurance, especially in the muscles in the legs. Flexibility, having a good range of movement in your joints will enable your body to adjust to any sudden changes in your direction and also help prevent injury when you fall.

Aerobic training will enable you to ski longer, as fatigue results in poor concentration ending in injury from crashing.

Most injuries occur in the afternoon of the first two days, this can workout to be an expensive holiday - so make sure you have your ski insurance sorted before you leave! The following skiing fitness exercises, will hopefully aid you to enjoy your time on the slopes.

On the following pages we build a training program as well as offer circuits ideas and interval training programs :

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