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Rugby Training

Check our rugby training drills and workouts that will help ensure you feel great on and off the pitch. Build your strength as well as find exercises for rugby that you may not have tried before. Get a real workout!

Perform 8-15 of each exercise as fast as possible, remember first time around to perform just the leg circuit, then the leg and upper body and finally all three. Make sure that you do the lap run after each circuit.


Two footed squat thrusts - aim for a 12 inch jump. Walking lunge forward - changing lead leg Alternate leg squat thrusts - count reps on 1 leg only






Wide arm press-up. Take elbows out to your sides Normal press ups, aim to keep a straight line through your back Close Hand - Aim to keep your thumbs touching each other






Normal sit ups, keep your chin off your chest Alternate elbows to knees - count reps on one side only Alternate hand to foot - count reps one side



Along with this session you can do straightforward cardiovascular training in the form of running, rowing and stepper's. Aim to build up to doing sessions that last a minimum of 45 minutes either 2-3 times a week. You can also do your weight training after your C.V. workouts, in order to give your body a chance to rest and recover for key matches.

Concentrate on keeping your heart rate at about 65 – 75 % throughout your workouts (you should just be able to hold a brief conversation) for the first 4 weeks of training. As you become fitter, gradually increase both the time or training level to make the exercise harder, taking your heart rate to 70 – 80 % (talking hard), with the last minute or two on each piece of equipment flat out 85% and above. This last minute will help you prepare for times in the game when heavy pressure is on for a while, and there is no rest. It is here that your inner body strength will show, use these sessions to push yourself hard, but within your limits.



Now it's time to look at strength training and co-ordination and how that will help your rugby game!

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