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Since the cure for scurvy was found, vitamins and their benefits have been researched, developed and re-researched to the point that this is now a massive industry.

Vitamin supplements can be found in all forms and in almost any retail outlet that ventures into wellbeing or health.

You will find out in this section exactly what certain vitamins do, what foods will help give you the vitamins your body requires and how to supplement your diet with the right types and forms of vitamins.

For most people, an increase in vitamins, is generally based around a Vitamin C supplement, as more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of this vitamin against preventing and assisting in curing a cold.

Your generally far better taking vitamins in their natural state, such as an orange, however there is much confusion between the amount that is required for staying healthy and the optimal amount needed to be in full vitality.

The RDA or recommended daily amount, is what your body will require to assist itself in preventing illness, but many experts believe that these figures are both inaccurate and out of date, which is why you will see on some vitamin containers with an RDA at well over the 100% recommend mark.


Vitamin supplements are a great way to help boost your bodies immune system, especially if you find it hard to get your full requirement from your dietary intake. So why not take a look at the specific vitamins detailed in the navigation to the left and get started.

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